Latest version: sppm-0.98
Released: 2006-09-08
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Simple Perl Package Manager (SPPM) is a set of perl scripts (with a few bash scripts) to aid in the maintenance of file packages. SPPM is intended mostly for the user who compiles packages from source code, but it can be used when installing any type of package, including .deb and .rpm packages. SPPM can use the 'find' utility to track changes to the filesystem by running a find before and after installing the package. SPPM can also use installwatch if it is found. SPPM includes scripts to view the contents of a package, remove a package (with optional backup), make a tarball of all the files in a package, to verify md5sums of all files in a package and print statistics such as package size, to determine what time a package was last used (by looking at atimes for its files), and to determine what package any given file is in. Also, if patches are applied to the source code of a package, SPPM can save them along with the package listing.


A new version of SPPM, version 1.0.0, will be released soon.
See "Recently Added Features" for more information.
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Recently Added Features

Plans for the Future

Other projects

A perl script to automate the submission and editing of file releases to SourceForge.
A program for hacking Zelda NES ROM files, including tiles, columns, screens, and assembly code.
xpdf patch
A patch to fix an ugly security bug in xpdf.

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Please contact us to report any bugs you find, feature requests, and whether or not you find SPPM useful!

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